Welcome! I’m Duncan Sharrocks, a management consultant with two decades’ experience of advising, supporting, managing and reviewing large-scale organisation and technology change programmes, from $2m to over a $1bn. These include outsourcing, ERP, public private partnerships (PPP) and shared services.

How can I help you?

  • Digital strategy and enablement: as-a-service and digital strategy, business case and options appraisal, through to procurement and client-side support for implementation.
  • Public & private sector transformation and reform: with international experience of advisory and support for complex change and technology procurement programmes in justice, security, regulation, the police, education, social security, health, agriculture, local government, FMCG and transport.
  • Gateway reviews and healthchecks. I have led or been part of over 90 reviews since 2002 for a wide range of public sector organisations in Australia and the UK.

The pages on this site give some personal insights into the OGC Gateway Review process.  Plenty has been written on this subject.  But articles rarely move beyond either the official guidance on the process or journalistic articles on major programme or Gateway failures.  These pages are a small attempt to provide some insights and my thoughts on how to get the best out of the review, either as a client or a reviewer.

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