The OGC Gates follow the lifecycle of the programme or project.

For programmes:

Starting Gate: used at the earliest stages of a programme to assess the practicality of implementing policy initiatives

Gate 0 Strategic Assessment: repeated at key decision points throughout the life of the programme

For projects:

Gate 1 Business Justification: once the strategic business case is complete, this review can be run.  Research shows that the earlier this review is held, the better the review team can assist the project

Gate 2 Delivery Strategy: this can be held once the procurement route (if applicable) has been determined, and ideally when the outline business case is complete

Gate 3 Investment Decision: this review is often tricky to schedule as it is run once the procurement has been run, once the full business case is to hand, but before the decision is made by the board on whether or how to proceed.  So the window for fitting in this review is tight, and sometimes it can be a matter of weeks after the Gate 2

Gate 4 Readiness for Service:  for projects where there is considerable design and development work there can sometimes be a considerable gap before this review.  But for other procurements, including Competitive Dialogue where much of the design work has been done already, it can be close on the heals of Gate 3, and needs to be done so that any recommendations can be implemented ahead of go live.

Gate 5 Operations Review and Benefits Realisation:  these reviews are often overlooked by organisations, but can be useful way for gauging the success of a project and helping decide if a further project or remedial work is required.  They are an excellent way of finding out what worked well, learning lessons which can be applied to other projects.

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