1. Programme/ project risk and complexity assessment

There is an OGC Gateway Review hub for public sector programmes and projects in civil central government, the Scottish Government, Northern Ireland, Ministry of Defence and the NHS.  These set the entry criteria for programmes and projects to be considered for OGC Gateway Reviews.  Agencies and NDPBs are covered by their parent departments’ arrangements.

Local authorities, ACPO, ACPOS and the police may not have access to such hubs.  In this case we can advise on how to evaluate programmes and projects and whether or not they are suitable for a review.

2. Assessment Meeting

For organisations with access to an OGC hub, the SRO and programme/ project team will be invited to a meeting to determine if a Gateway Review is suitable, and if so where they are in the project lifecycle.  Again, for organisations that do not have access to a hub, we can assist with this.

3. Planning Meeting

This is the point at which the review team meet the SRO and programme/ project team for the first time, and the meeting should be held about a month ahead of the review.

Click here to find out how to get the most out of the planning meeting.
Follow this link for a discussion on the documents required for the review.


4. Undertaking the review

Reviews take from between three and five days, and use for their evidence base the documents presented by the programme/ project team and interviews with people involved in the project, including the customers or recipients of the change or new service.

Follow this link for a  discussion on OGC Gateway Review and healthcheck interview best practice.

5. Reporting

The usual protocol for OGC Gateway Review reporting is that the report is presented to the SRO at the end of the last day.  To improve the quality of the report we suggest a few extra days for report writing, especially for more complex programmes and projects.

Reports give a confidence assessment, indicating the likelihood of success in its next stage.  An article will follow shortly explaining this.  Individual recommendations are given, with a recommendation on the urgency of addressing them.  Again, this will be discussed in a future article.

6. Feedback

Organisations that have their OGC Gateway Reviews administered by a Gateway hub will have arrangements in place for feedback on the team.  Understanding what worked well, and what could be improved, is important for the process.  For organisations that we work with that do not have these arrangements in place, Duncan Sharrocks will suggest a simple process.

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